Been waiting for a sign? Here is theVoice!

We take action regarding important public issues and provide new ways and means to effect change. We aim to address everyone – online, on air or on the street.

We have imagined a community whose value system is determined by locally evolving cooperation projects, but whose results point beyond their neighborhood or their national borders. We therefore founded the social enterprise TheVoice in 2017. Instead of problems, we concentrate on specific issues and solutions, and spread the news about them. We explore areas in which joint action is needed to effect change and use new digital telecommunication tools to expand the scope of democracy.

The Team

As a social worker and community organizer I have been working for 10 years to make people in a more favorable situation realize what kind of obstacles the less fortunate have to face. Because if the conditions are there, it is not a question of luck. That is a fact. In theVoice I work to empower people and communities to formulate and voice their problems.
Gergő, peacemaker

I support diverse civil society groups, because by involving and empowering broad sections of the society, and by building communities that stand up for their own causes, interests and future, step by step we can build a free and inclusive society for all. One of the most important tools for this is effective online communication. Thats what we are working on at aHang.

I have been working on developing local and national democratic institutional systems for almost 20 years. I am convinced that one of the best remedies for the current social crisis is developing genuine communication between decision-makers and those affected by their decisions. This is why I work for theVoice.
Csaba, MC →LinkedIn

As a gender studies expert, former journalist and marketing assistant, I am committed to empowerment and achieving equity and solidarity via online campaigning.

Ever since I can remember, I have worked in the area of civil society and human rights, and as a blogger I have gained experience with social media as well. Utilizing this knowledge, I work towards making TheVoice carry far through the Internet.
Tamasito, social mediator →LinkedIn

As a creative developer I work to continuously surpass my expectations. Regarding many issues, there is an almost complete muteness. I hope this changes.

As a web developer, I work on theVoice team to develop community communication tools that allow people to make their voices heard, win supporters for their cause, and achieve their set goals together.
Enzo, consigliere →LinkedIn

Since 2012, I have been working to represent the interests of the most vulnerable groups as a social worker, fundraiser and project coordinator in Hungary and abroad. In aHang’s communication team, I work to create tools available to everyone, with which they will be able to make a difference in their own environment and nationally.

I learnt it as a political scientist that even though politics might seem the playground of the elite, people have more power in their hands than what we would first assume. The reason why I joined the team of aHang is to bring this power to as many local and national communities as we can. Luckily, we have all the knowledge and tools here to be able to do so.

I have been active in community and civil society initiatives, activism, networks and movements since 1997. In the past 10 years we have been working on spreading the method of community organizing in Hungary. This is what interests me most about theVoice as well – namely, how there could be an increasing number of us taking action, in the most organized way possible, regarding the issues that affect us all.
Máté, guv'nor →LinkedIn

How We Are Setting the Tone

We take action regarding public affairs that are important for our membership, looking for new ways and means of advocacy. We hear everybody’s voice, yet we are independent. We are a nonpartisan organization that is independent of politicians or party politics.

We look at diversity as a value: in our eyes, everybody is equal and has the right to participate. Against the level of division experienced across the country, we strive to achieve concord among people with different life chances.

As members of larger communities beyond our immediate environment and our borders, we take responsibility for matters that determine our future, and see cooperation between different groups and professional areas as the main development direction. On the website, we categorize our campaigns along comprehensive topics that are emerging, such as:

  • instead of education, we focus on #opportunities,

  • we categorize the issue of healthcare under #public services,

  • we present campaigns pertaining to advocacy or culture or arts as #participation,

  • we expand infrastructure into #services,

  • instead of environmental protection we use the more general term #resources,

  • fundamental freedoms, among others, come under the area of #justice.