‘Don’t sell your vote!’ Roma celebrities encourage people to vote

Roma celebrities are supporting an awareness campaign by Khetane and aHang (the Hungarian Voice). In their video messages, Fatima Mohamed (singer), Váradi Olasz (musician) and the Parno Graszt band invite the Hungarian Roma people to vote at the general elections, with the message: ‘Don’t sell your vote!’ This campaign is of significance since this year’s parliamentary elections will be held on International Roma Day.

Politicians in Hungary tend to look at people in deep poverty as defenseless and cheap-to-buy voters. By contrast, this joint campaign by Khetane and aHang emphasizes that every voter’s vote is worth the same. It is important to have everybody make a decision about who to vote for independently of any external constraints. In a democratic society, voters do not equal cheap votes in the eyes of politicians.

The aHang campaign website provides tools for citizen advocacy. The platform helps ordinary people consciously deal with public affairs and participate in making decisions about the country’s future. Khetan’s goal is to support and mentor disadvantaged young people, and to cultivate Roma traditions and cultural values.

‘If you believe that our children or we can have a better future, it is very important to cast your vote on April 8!” Message by Fatima Mohamed


‘Don’t sell your vote – if not for your own sake, then for the sake of your children.’ Video by the Parno Graszt band: https://www.facebook.com/magyaraHang/videos/175944693054794/

‘It’s our interest!’ Message by Váradi Olasz: https://www.facebook.com/magyaraHang/videos/175768246405772/

Get there on April 8! The video series is supported by aHang campaign website titled Get there! which helps users share information about voting with their own communities. On the website Miklós Toldi and Ilona Zrínyi, both self-motivated celebrities of Hungarian history, guide voters towards voting responsibly.

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