Hungarian cities ask questions of prime ministerial candidates

Citizens in both Budapest and the countryside are full of questions, so a responsible prime ministerial candidate would have plenty of things to discuss. These are the questions we voice. There has not been a debate among prime ministerial candidates in 12 years. In our opinion, we cannot say responsibly that someone is capable of leading the country in a sound manner if we do not know their position and they cannot defend it publicly – as has been voiced by ordinary people all over Hungary, from Pest to Miskolc and from Pécs to Kolozsvár, and even across the border.

Of the four candidates, three have agreed to continue to honor voters by publicly exchanging their arguments about the country’s future. We are still waiting for Fidesz’s reply and look forward to them hearing our invitation.

On the website of the petition, signatories send an invitation directly to the prime minister, calling upon him to engage in open debate:

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