We are looking forward to receiving the ministry’s response!

During a campaign for renovating the Mátészalka-Debrecen railway line, more than 500 letters have been sent to the ministry and MÁV (the Hungarian railway company) and over 1,000 signatures have been collected through TheVoice, following an initiative by the Mátészalkaleaks Group.

The Mátészalka-Debrecen railway line should reflect the fact that we are in a new millennium! So far the local population has only got promises that public transportation in the region would be developed.

Why is this important?

The Mátészalka-Debrecen railway line, which is of strategic importance to the 150,000 inhabitants of 107 local communities living in the districts of Mátészalka, Fehérgyarmat, Csenger and Nyírbátor, is used by citizens on an average of 825,000 occasions annually.

In a few days’ time we managed to get MÁV to speak about the issue, and the press has also reported on the current situation. The MátészalkaLeaks Group welcomes the development that in 2020 and 2021 MÁV will rebuild a total of 26 kilometers of railway tracks on the Mátészalka-Debrecen railway line from its own resources. However, that is not the entire section. We will be closer to success once the Ministry of National Development have also declared that the renewal of the railway line would indeed be included among the development projects for the next EU budget cycle. We ask you to share the petition and send a letter to the decision-makers. While waiting for the ministry’s response, please follow developments on the Facebook pages of MátészalkaLeaks and TheVoice. The petition page is at: https://terjed.4h4n9.ahang.hu/campaigns/mateszalka

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