Students Supported by aHang Went on Strike Against the New Amendments to the National Public Education Law

Over 10.000 people have protested against the National Public Education Law with their signatures, and on 13 September, hundreds around the country demonstrated their dissatisfaction with the current state of education. At the end of August, high school students started organizing again, with teachers joining the newly announced protest after the summer break. The students...

We Have Made Hungary’s National Roma Self-Government Reinstall the Memorial Plaque Commemorating the Victims of the Roma Murders

aHang’s activists, together with the citizens who joined them, have achieved a tremendous result: due to their exerting pressure, the National Roma Self-Government has reinstalled the memorial plaque commemorating the victims of a series of homicides against the Roma. This is another huge achievement made possible by the aHang platform, and this time success came in relation to a particularly neglected area in Hungary: the field of Roma advocacy.

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